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ART DECO 'SHOEBUTTONS' CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) Superb and rare tree, signed, on cover of signed-Christmas tree pins book; $295. Never miss a book cover piece!

BIG NEW CHRISTMAS TREE PINS BOOK ...WITH TREE! (PHOTO) (PHOTO) EXCITING limited-edition 278-page book covering signed Christmas tree pins, the first of two on signed brooches, includes a Christmas tree pin from the book's cover; $165. Don't miss it! Tons of information ... and trees! Note: BOOK WAS SHIPPED TO ALL WHO ORDERED IT.

ONE-OF-A-KIND STUART FREEMAN SHOE TREE (PHOTO) Another must-have from the Treeman, who knows his footwear; $159

COSTUME VERSION OF FAMED MADAME BELPERRON CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) Gorgeous in green, with its Oriental flavor and mix of Deco-Nouveau styles; $149

ST. JOHN CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) Xmas tree is just one charm dangling from the St. John fashion branch; $149

BRITISH ATTWOOD-SAWYER CHRISTMAS TREE PIN WITH BONUS SNOWMAN (PHOTO) Beautifully made brooch in original box, with bonus Attwood-Sawyer snowman; $150 for the two

STUNNING VINTAGE CAPRI-BLUE HOLLYCRAFT CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) Spectacular color, which was just one Hollycraft trademark; $149

SIGNED BEREBI CHRISTMAS TREE PIN SET (PHOTO) Edgar Berebi decorated this tree with hearts, so it can double up for Feb. 14; See it in the book! $89

VINTAGE MYLU PEPPERMINT CANDY CHRISTMAS TREE PIN SET (PHOTO) Sweet candy striper set includes huge tree with holly plus peppermint clips; $159

HARD TO FIND VINTAGE MET MUSEUM OF ART CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) Hardly anyone has this earliest tree from the Metropolitan Museum of Art; $165

RED DECO BAGUETTES LIANNA TREE (PHOTO) Flair to spare in this tree of Deco simplicity; $129

ONE OF THE BEST EISENBERG CHRISTMAS TREE PINS (2 COLORS) (PHOTO) Hmm, purp or ruby? I'll take both! $149 ea.

VINTAGE HERSHEY's KISSES Christmas Tree Pin (PHOTO) Hard-to-find Christmas tree pin by Hershey's, its ornaments Hershey's Kisses earrings; Hershey 'wrapper pull.' $79

VINTAGE TANCER-II REAL MINK FUR TREE PIN (PHOTO) From the collection of the founder of Mylu; still has its original tag; $149

VIVID MARGOT TOWNSEND POINSETTIAS CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) Eye-catching tree of red poinsettias; tall, tagged; $125

PRETTY 'LALIQUE' FLOWERS CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) The industry term for these glassy blooms; they are not by Lalique and are a sort of resin. Very pretty! $89

BETSEY JOHNSON DESIGNER CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) From Christmas a few years ago, Brit Betsey's tree boasts her signature bright pink, $125

TUTTI FRUTTI CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO) Most spectacular Deco tree we've ever seen; brilliant pave work, jewel-tone fruits, a real beauty; $295

AMERICAN SOUTHWEST ART DECO THUNDERBIRD Christmas Tree Pin (CLICK THIS PHOTO LINK) (PHOTO 2) (PHOTO 3) (PHOTO 4) (PHOTO 5) (PHOTO 5) (PHOTO 5) (PHOTO 5) (PHOTO 5) (PHOTO 5) Designed and cast in the 1940s, a rare Christmas tree that combines Art Deco, Navajo and Egyptian aesthetics, signed with imposssible-to-score signature for the renowned jewelry designer who created it; finished in silver or gold, slightly over 2-1/2", $149 each.

RARE RARE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) Rarest of the Disney Christmas tree pins, the sought-after and impossible to find NBC tree. That's the enameled Nightmare Before Christmas brooch with spooky ornaments including Jack Skellington and spider, bat and something else. Signed both Disney and Ooopsa. Timed out with 1993 release of the Tim Burton flick, but not many people found this particular line of jewelry. Has a crack in yellow enamel but not in star itself; $159

VINEYARD Christmas Tree Pin (PHOTO) For the dedicated oenophile, the vineyard tree with green-grape-like jewels and a slithering vine up the middle. $159

FAMOUS FRENCH Christmas Tree Pin (PHOTO) (PHOTO) Glittering gray and aurora borealis (or brilliant green with emeralds and ruby gems) Christmas tree pin, costume version of one originally designed in 1930s Paris; $159.

ZUZU'S IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE ANGEL BELL CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) (PHOTO) Limited-edition keepsake in the spirit of George Bailey's Bedford Falls. Engraved with the autograph of Zuzu herself, the actress Karolyn Grimes. (See her wearing this tree in image with this listing.) It's an old-fashioned bell tree, a special gift for someone who has touched so many lives and not realized it. In the last scene of the iconic holiday movie, when a bell on the Baileys' Christmas tree rings, Zuzu tells her father teacher says 'every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings.' George Bailey knows Clarence won them for teaching him the movie's ultimate lesson, that one person's life touches so many others, and when you realize that, you see no matter what's happened, it's really been a wonderful life. Whether your favorite character from this most-loved of all Christmas films is Zuzu, George, Clarence, Mary (or surely not Mr. Potter), this collectible treasure keeps the memories and message of the movie alive for generations to come. Only 100 were made; jeweled and enameled brooch in festive green and red; 2-3/4"; it was Made in America; $150

HILLARY CLINTON Christmas Tree Pin (PHOTO) Golden light-up tree Hillary Clinton loved and wore when she was First Lady, 1994 (note: this is not hers literally; it is the same she wore); $59.

COKE Christmas Tree Pin STOCKING STUFFER! (PHOTO) Enameled metal tree clutch pin from 1996, colorful advertising piece for an effervescent holiday season, $35.

HIGH-END ST. THOMAS HOLIDAY COLLECTION CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) Box type and fantastic finish make this look like Swarovski made it; similar to Nordstrom trees; $150

A DAMASCENE TREE IN METALLIC BLUE (PHOTO) Looks like a jewelry house took a Damascene or Toledo tree and enameled it in metallic ice blue; vintage; $59

PASTELS SWEET ROMANCE CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) Signed tree with jewels and web-work setting, handsome and pretty both; $89

LUCITE TREE WITH GREEN CANDIES (PHOTO) Large Lucite or clear resin tree with green-striped mints; $95

PRESENTS ON THE TREE PIN (PHOTO) Pine swags mix with little gift boxes on a charming tree; $39

COLDWATER CREEK TREE PIN FROM YEARS PAST (PHOTO) Enameled swirls result in a darling pine pin; $39

TREE OF STARS (PHOTO) A heaven of starlight shines down through the night ... Tree of green stars $39

HOLIDAY INN CHRISTMAS TREES PIN (PHOTO) Rare house or inn with two trees, one inside open door. Wonderful!

PAIR OF GREAT VINTAGE HOLLYCRAFT PINS (PHOTO) Two vintage Hollycraft pins, a tree and lantern ... in original box! $195

FABULOUS WEISS CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) One of the greatest trees ever, signed Weiss; authenticity disputed; rare and gorgeous; $495

BIG & LITTLE MYLU WATERMELON CHRISTMAS TREE PINS (PHOTO) Famous watermelon rivolis tree by Mylu, from founder's own collection, plus rare tiny version of the tree; $195 for the two.

TRIFARI 1998 BLUE CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) Large floral tree signed Trifari 1998; $125

TRIFARI 1998 RED-GREEN CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) Large floral tree signed Triari 1998; $125

FRUITED 40s DELLAROBBIA CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) Bottle brush tree from 1940s by Vogue in Dellarobbia style; $95

GIFTY SWAROVSKI CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) Sparkling charmer by Swarovski; $159

ULTRACRAFT SANTA CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) Vintage Ultracraft tree, looks like Santa doesn't wanna share; $89

SEWING MACHINE WITH SANTA'S HAT! PIN (PHOTO) Ultra-clever figural features old-fashioned sewing machine with Santa's cap being mended; $95

DISNEY 101 DALMATIANS CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) Probably the oldest Disney Xmas pin, signed both Disney and mark for Hedy; $95

ANTIQUE QUILT CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) Holiday pine pin made of antique quilt scraps. Buttons are ornaments, spool is base. $59

1980s BLOOMINGDALE's CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) Lianna made this lovely, leafy tree for Bloomie's. $149

STUNNING EISENBERG ICE BRAKE-LIGHTS TREE PIN (PHOTO) Deluxe, diamond-patterned diva from Eisenberg; $149

CRYSTALLINE EISENBERG ICE BEAUTY (PHOTO) Unfoiled jewels make this translucent tree transcendant; $125

ANOTHER SPARKLING BLOOMINGDALE'S CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) Heavily jeweled arbor that has aged since the Eighties; $149

FREEMASON CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) Novelty tree with the protractor and compass as ornaments; tac pin. $59

HEADLIGHT RIVOLIS CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) Showy tree, one of Lianna's ealiest arbors from The Accessory Lady; $165 (compare at $400+ on eBay)

RARE PARTRIDGE-IN-PEAR-TREE Christmas Tree Pin (PHOTO) For the collector of charming old-fashioned 'and a partridge in a pear tree' pins, here is a rare one that was produced by the house of Lianna, gold plated bird and pears overlaid with green plastic tree form. Fabulous! $95.

Vintage NINA RICCI Christmas Tree Pin (PHOTO) Golden plated Christmas tree pin engraved with the logos and marks of Nina Ricci; 2-5/8"; $249

GIVENCHY CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) A must for anyone after every signature in the whole wide forest, $149

JEWELS CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) Sparkling jewels Christmas tree pin for a more glittering collection, $79

SWAROVSKI STARDUST CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) Sold out in 2011, simply sparkling on a lapel, the swan-signed Stardust Christmas tree pin, $129

SHAMROCK CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) Green tree has shamrock star and lights up, $59

VINTAGE SIGNED COREL CHRISTMAS DOG PIN (PHOTO) Hard to find holiday pooch, $89

LIMITED ED. CAROLEE CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) Beautiful jeweled arbor from Carolee, a 1994 limited edition. $150

CAROLEE CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) Carolee Christmas tree pin, $95

ART CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) Rarest of all the Art trees, $150

ART CHRISTMAS TREE PIN SET (PHOTO) White cone tree brooch with matching earrings, $125

2 ART CHRISTMAS TREE PINS (PHOTO) Two Amoeba Christmas tree pins with different finishes, $65 choose

ART CANDLED CHRISTMAS TREE PIN PAIR (PHOTO) Two vintage Art trees with candles, two sizes, $65 the pair.

ART CHRISTMAS TREE NECKLACE-EARRING SET (PHOTO) Red Art Christmas tree necklace with matching red tree earrings, $125


HATTIE CARNEGIE EMERALD-RUBY CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) (PHOTO) An old model of the era was plated and fully beaded with ruby and emerald glass; $159

VEGAS SHOWGIRL CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) Fantastic vintage set, sometimes called the harp tree, looks more like a Vegas showgirl with elaborate headdress; jewels, tall, plus signed; $125

VINTAGE BROOKS CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) Brooks' other tree of renown, gorgeous, signed, tall, bejeweled; $89

MEXICAN SILVER CHRISTMAS TREE PENDANT (PHOTO) Enameled polka dots color this Mexican silver Christmas tree pendant, $59

FLAG CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) Patriotic Christmas tree pin, $59

PATRIOTIC CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) Christmas tree in flag colors, $59

VIDEO II: Snow & Ice: Sit back, sip a sap on the rocks, enjoy the movie. (Frost 'effect' washed out vivid colors a bit. Bah humbug.)

Vivid Red French LEA STEIN PARIS Christmas Tree Pin (PHOTO) Layered cellulose acetate, glossy, multicolor Christmas brooch (see other colors farther down page), multiple patterns with a polychrome star, signed Lea Stein Paris, 3-1/2"; $149

STUART FREEMAN'S WIREWORKS CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) Dimensional bent green wire around aluminum, large and modern, very fresh, by top artist; every collection needs one! $150

HUGE VERY OLD VINTAGE CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) Enormous vintage tree with em and ruby jewels; believed to have been a commissioned piece, thus probably one of a kind; no one's sure if misshapen or broken on side; can't tell in person; 4-1/4"; $129

CHEERFUL CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) Charming and colorful tree by Lianna; $79

HATTIE CARNEGIE PEARLS CHRISTMAS TREE PIN (PHOTO) (PHOTO) An old model of the era was plated and fully beaded with lavish faux pearls and emerald-green glass; HC, $195

OTHER JEWELRY BOOKS WITH Christmas Tree Pins, Faces, Etc. (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO) Buy a bijoux book with a Christmas tree pin for the ultimate holiday gift. Books here include one on figural jewelry, with tons of trees, one on unsigned trees, or one covering face jewelry, and one with fine and costume jewelry, including trees. Each autographed by author and personalized if you want it to be. Your choice, $49.

GRAZIANO PEARLY Christmas Tree Pin (PHOTO) The prettiest designer Christmas tree pin with simulated-pearl ornaments. $95.

CUBIST PICASSO-ESQUE Christmas Tree Pin (PHOTO) Holiday arbor designed in style of Picasso, silver-plated pin, glossy black enamel with faceted navette crystals, K. Flood for the Liannart Collection, signed Lia; 2-3/8", $89 (not perfect).


JEWELRY BOOKS! (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO) Signed and personalized copy of the Vol.1 unsigned Christmas tree pins book, $39.99. Also available: Costume Jewelry Figurals book with tons of trees, $24.95. Or get the 4th edition of the successful Warman's Jewelry Series, $29.99. You can also pre-order your copy of the Jewelry Face Book of Pins & Pendants. They're all books with lots of fun content for jewelry lovers. Order today!


SMALL BARBER-POLE Christmas Tree Pin (PHOTO) Wonderful little tree with pave-set stones, $59.

TARA Christmas Tree Pin (PHOTO) A hard to find name and design with bow motif, signed Tara, $95.

CLASSY Christmas Tree Pin (PHOTO) Simple holiday arbor with tons of character, $59.

MICHAL NEGRIN Christmas Tree Pin (PHOTO) Unsigned arbor that's very neat and chic, $79.

MATISSE Christmas Tree Pin (PHOTO) Holiday arbor designed in style of Henri Matisse, K. Flood for the Liannart Collection, $89.

PENGUIN QUARTET Christmas Pins (PHOTO) Adorable foursome!, $150.

OLDER Vrba 1990s Pink Floral Christmas Tree Pin Set (PHOTO) Prototype, limited edition, specially made for holiday-jewelry book, set includes brooch and earrings of jewel-set stamped raised metal florals on pink-lemonade glass pillows with peridot-green stones framing all, wired to filigree metal backing; as prototype for photography, all metal on reverse unplated; solder showing; signed Lawrence Vrba; matching clip earrings unsigned. 3-1/2".$595

STUART FREEMAN'S CRAYOLA-LA CHRISTMAS TREE PIN + BONUS (PHOTO) Metal tree covered with Jackson Pollack-like melted vibrant crayon; comes with bonus Crayon brooch; $195

RARE & BEAUTIFUL MODERNIST CHRISTMAS TREE PIN SIGNED FLORENZA (PHOTO) Vaer scarce vintage tree with enameled squares, lights up (not now), signed Florenza, $225

MERCURY-LOOK ORNAMENTS Christmas Tree Pin (PHOTO) Charming, pretty tree that looks like it has those wonderful old-fashioned mercury metallic ornaments, $59.

Enameled 'Original by Robert' Christmas Tree Pin (PHOTO) Tall 3" tree in classic golden Robert pot, richly enameled tree, red star, gold-plated chevrons, particularly good-looking, signed with palette, Original by Robert, and number 027390.$295

Copy of Designer Gold Christmas Tree Pin (PHOTO) Designer Robert Lee Morris created a clever Christmas tree pin of karat gold, and a company that year copied it in gold plating; this is the copy, letters of a Christmas wish forming the tree; 2-3/4".$95

Rare Vintage Castlecliff Pair (PHOTO) Simple but charming folk-art style enameled metal Christmas tree pin with six white candles and 'cherry tomato' ornament beads, very desirable mark, each 2", 1960s. (One bead replaced.) $295

Black-White French Lea Stein Paris Christmas Tree Pin (PHOTO) Layered cellulose acetate in an unusual Christmas brooch sometimes called the Tuxedo Tree, pattern almost a stripy herringbone, from France, signed Lea Stein Paris, 3-1/4".$129

Silver, Marbled Blue French Lea Stein Paris Christmas Tree Pin (PHOTO) Layered cellulose acetate in an unusual Christmas brooch, marbled blues with glittery silver, from France, rare with two stars, signed Lea Stein Paris, 3-1/2".$129

COMICAL CAT Christmas Tree Pin (PHOTO) Kitty's caught in the conifer. Funny, $59.

ANTENNA Christmas Tree Pin (PHOTO) Simple but sweet, $29.








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